How to always open a full screen app window on Windows 10

How to always open a full screen app window on Windows 10

When the app opens in full screen mode, you’ll have more space to operate, work and play. So, after opening an app, we often have to switch the mode from minimizing the screen to full screen.

In this article, we will show you how to always open the application window in full screen mode on Windows 10. This will help you to avoid switching mode after opening the application.

How to always open a full screen app window on Windows 10

Before you begin, make sure that in full screen mode, you will only see the contents of the application, the browser … without the controls or the address bar …

1. Run the program by shortcut (shortcut)

This only works for applications where you can create shortcuts.

  • Find the application in the Start menu
  • Left-click on the application to select it and click Open File location in the next window
  • Once you find the application, right-click on it and choose Send To> Desktop (Create Shortcut)
  • Then right-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop and choose Properties
  • Under the Shorcut tab, click the drop-down menu in the Run section and choose Maximised
  • Click Apply and OK to apply the changes

After the setup is complete when you double-tap the shortcut, the application runs as a full-screen window.

This method works with most applications, including Microsoft Office products. However, it will work more smoothly if you create a shortcut from the original .exe file. This also means it doesn’t work with Microsoft Store apps.

2. Use the Maximize Always tool

Maximize Always is a free tool with the ability to run most apps in full screen mode. After installing this tool, you can add applications that want to run full screen by dragging and dropping to Maximize Always or using the Add button and then navigate to the folder containing the application’s run files.

After the setup is complete, right-click on Maximize Always in the system tray and then select the application to open in full screen.

Whenever you need to run an application in full screen mode you can use Maximize Always. If you want to run the application in its normal form, just open it from the desktop, Start menu or Taskbar .

  • Download Maximize Always

3. Use keyboard shortcuts

If you want to control how your apps are opened, you can use keyboard shortcuts. This shortcut is F11 and it can open supported apps as full screen instantly.

If you are using a laptop or keyboard with an Fn function key, you may need to press the Fn + F11 key combination.

Tip: You cannot run two full screen apps side by side on one screen. However, you can split your screen in two to run two full-screen apps at the same time. Tools like PowerToys will help you split the screen.

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