How to adjust the refresh rate of Windows 10

How to adjust the refresh rate of Windows 10

Windows Insider builds are a great way to see what Windows 10 is up to, and build 20236 is no exception. With the latest update to Dev Channel, you can now ask Windows 10 to adjust the system refresh rate with a simple drop-down menu.

How to switch the refresh rate in Windows Insider Build 20236

Microsoft has revealed the new feature on the Windows Insider Blog. When you go to Settings> System> Display> Advanced display settings , you’ll see an additional section below standard settings.

Toggle refresh rate in Windows Insider Build 20236

This new section provides you with a handy drop-down box that allows you to easily choose your ideal refresh rate.

If you are unsure of what refresh rate is, then these are the factors that can make a big visual difference. In fact, mentioned the difference between 60Hz, 144Hz and 240Hz.

What else is inside Windows Insider Build 20236?

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t roll out the entire update just because of a drop-down box. There are a few subtle touches that will also appear on Windows 10.

For example, people who have installed the Dev build will notice that Windows Search looks a bit different. You should now see the last 4 things you have been looking for, allowing instant access to the files you need in an instant.

If something appears in the list that you don’t want to keep, you can click the small X next to the corresponding item to remove it. Also, this list will not appear until you search for something.

If you don’t like this new feature, you can turn it off by going to Settings> Search> Permissions and History and turn off Search history on this device.

Microsoft is also coming up with a number of new fixes. For example, if you notice an app constantly installing itself over and over again, this update fixes that. It also brings some stability fixes to Office apps and addresses some issues that caused BSODS in previous Insider builds.

However, that doesn’t mean everything will work as intended. Anyway, this is a build for Insider, so there are known bugs lurking somewhere.

For example, trying to reset your PC using Keep My Files will get an error. Remember to go through all known bugs in the Insider build page to see everything Microsoft knows is at fault with this update.

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