Fix update error 0x80d02002 in Windows 10

Fix update error 0x80d02002 in Windows 10

Microsoft rolls out regular Windows updates with new features, security features, and bug fixes to fix security holes caused by third-party apps.

Whenever new updates are available, Windows 10 will install them automatically. Or you can install them yourself from Settings> Update & Security> Windows Updates> Check for Updates . But some users report being unable to install the update or getting update error 0x80d02002. If you are also experiencing this problem, here are some solutions to fix it.

Windows Update error 0x80d02002

Error 0x80d02002 or 0x80070652 are both related to issue with Windows Update which means there is a problem causing the updates to fail to install. The cause could be due to faulty Windows Update cache, incompatible driver software, applications installed on the computer or a conflict of third-party software, etc. Now, please apply the above solutions. below to fix Windows update error 0x80d02002.

Fix update error 0x80d02002 in Windows 10

Basic solutions

– Make sure you have a stable Internet connection.

– Make sure the software you use is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Also, make sure all installed device drivers are up to date and compatible with the current Windows version. Especially Display Driver, Network Adapter and Audio Sound Driver. You can check and update them from Device Manager.

– Check if the machine is infected with malware by performing a full system scan. Also, run CCleaner to optimize Windows and fix corrupted registry entries.

If you get this error 0x80d02002 while updating the Windows Store app, press Win + R , type wsreset and press Enter .

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool

Before applying any other solution, run Windows Update Troubleshooter, let Windows scan and fix the problem by itself. To run the Windows Update Troubleshooter, refer to the article: Windows Update Troubleshooter Manual.

Check the language and region settings

Sometimes, incorrect regional installation also causes Windows update error. Therefore, make sure your regional and language settings are correct. You can check and edit them from Settings> Time & Language , select Region & Language from the options on the left.

Check the language and region settings

Here verify that the Country / Region option from the drop-down list is correct. And make sure the correct Language Pack is installed. If it is available, click Download and let the system install it from the Microsoft server. After following the steps above, try to install the feature update again via Windows Update.

Reset Windows Update components

Corrupt Windows Update components, which are the primary and most common reason update download and install fail. If Windows Update components are damaged, you may have to reset them manually.

How to do details in the article: How to reset Windows Update on Windows 10.

Check for corrupted system files

If any of the system files are corrupt or missing, you may experience various problems, including update installation errors. We recommend running the System File Checker to make sure any corrupted system files don’t cause the problem.

Run the System File Checker to make sure any corrupted system files are not causing the problem

Reference: Using the SFC command to fix Windows 10 file system errors for details.

Perform a Clean Boot (a “clean” boot)

Also, if any third-party service or startup application is causing problems while installing the updates then do a Clean Boot and check. This is also a suitable solution to fix Windows Update error 0x80d02002.

How to perform the details in the article: How to perform Clean Boot on Windows 10/8/7.