Create a custom theme on Windows 10 with Stardock Curtains

Create a custom theme on Windows 10 with Stardock Curtains

If you’ve ever wanted to change the look of Windows 10, now it’s easy to do it thanks to Stardock Curtains, a new paid utility from the same maker as Fences and WindowBlinds. Here’s how to set up this tool.

What is Stardock Curtains?

Curtains is a software utility that allows you to customize the look of Windows 10, with styles of changing the interface of window borders, buttons and taskbar with many different themes. For example, you can make Windows 10 look a lot like other operating systems, such as Windows XP or OS / 2, or you can install a completely new theme that suits your preferences.

Curtains is a software utility that allows you to customize the look of Windows 10

At the time of writing, Curtains is commercial software priced at $ 9.99 (about 230,000 VND), but Stardock also offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to try the tool. Curtains also comes with Stardock’s expensive Object Desktop toolkit, which offers other useful utilities like Fences, for organizing desktop icons.

What can you do with Stardock Curtains?

If you want to change the default look of Windows 10, then Curtains is a reliable and easy to use way to make your desktop look new (or nostalgic).

Curtains has a lot of novelty elements, because it can make Windows 10 look a lot like old operating systems like Windows XP, IBM OS / 2, Amiga Workbench, Classic Mac OS, etc.

Curtains have a lot of novel elements

Each style usually comes with a themed desktop wallpaper. For example, the Windows XP style includes a hilly green photo like the one that came with the XP and the Windows XP logo.

Windows XP style

There’s also a really neat monochrome Macintosh style, with lots of nostalgic features, suitable for anyone who has ever stuck with a classic Mac.

Monochrome Macintosh style

With the full version of Curtains software, you can download styles created by others or create custom styles yourself and share them with other online users.

You can download styles other than the full version

How to get Stardock Curtains?

If you like, download Stardock Curtains from Stardock’s website and install it. This tool is very intuitive and easy to use. It works with Chrome and Edge as well as many other standard Windows apps. At first, you will have a 30-day trial and can pay for it at any time.

Should choose Curtains or WindowBlinds?

Stardock also sells a similar Windows 10 makeover product called WindowBlinds. So what is the difference between these two tools?

Curtains works with the function to change the original appearance of Windows 10, Dark Mode. That makes themes built with Curtains easy to create and more compatible with more applications.

However, Curtains have some disadvantages. Unlike WindowBlind, title bar buttons must be kept in their normal position, and scroll bars cannot change their appearance.

WindowBlinds takes care of the rendering of windows completely, so it can render more complex themes, but creating themes is more complicated and every interface element has to be created from scratch to have one. theme mounts.

On the other hand, WindowBlinds themes have more power over the way application windows are displayed, so the title button positions can be rearranged and scroll bars can also be resurfaced. .