5 tools to help install applications always floating on the screen of Windows 10

5 tools to help install applications always floating on the screen of Windows 10

There are some apps in Windows 10 that provide the option to always float on the screen, but others don’t. So, when needed you will have to resort to third-party tools. This article will introduce to you 10 useful tools in installing applications that are always floating on the Windows 10 screen.

1. TurboTop

TurboTop is a compact utility that can run under the system tray. It allows you to select the window that you want to float above other windows. As a simple tool, TurboTop has no customizations and does not support keyboard shortcuts.

  • Download TurboTop

2. OnTopReplica

OnTopReplica is a great tool for creating a real-time clone version of a window using the DWM Thumbnails and Windows Forms Aero libraries. You can create clones by selecting a window or specifying a specific area on the screen.

You can easily resize the window to your liking and customize a few other parameters. OnTopReplica also allows you to change the transparency of the clone area and lock the clone’s position on the screen. You can also choose a keyboard shortcut to create clone on the desktop or hide / show cloned windows.

  • Download OnTopReplica

3. Always On Top

Always On Top is a small utility that allows you to install floating windows above all other applications on the screen. All you need to do is download Always On Top, run it and press a key combination to activate it.

With support for keyboard shortcuts, Always On Top makes the process of installing floating windows on the screen faster and simpler. Just select the window and press Ctrl + Space to highlight it.

  • Download Always On Top

4. DeskPins

DeskPins is another small, lightweight tool that can help you install any application that floats on the Windows desktop.

  • Download DeskPins

5. WindowTop

You may want to try adding the free WindowTop tool. With WindowTop you can adjust the transparency, click through the always floating window, activate Dark Mode …

  • Download WindowTop

Other tools you can refer to:

  • PinWin
  • PinWin – Pin On Top
  • OnTopper
  • PinMe

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