5 lightweight browsers for Windows 10

5 lightweight browsers for Windows 10

Web browser is a quite large and rich world, complex, simple yes – depending on the actual needs of users. However, what is a lightweight browser? Without going into the technical aspects, a lightweight browser means it can run smoothly on an old PC with very little RAM, freezes at startup, fast rendering of web pages and graphics, and no make the CPU fan work loudly.

Here is a list of a simple, lightweight browser for Windows 10. Although lightweight, these browsers are still sure to provide you with all the basic features of a web browsing tool. often. You will not have to sacrifice any essential functionality. In particular, these browsers have been certified by many reputable antivirus platforms to ensure 100% safety, and come with effective privacy controls.

Note : Apart from Windows, all these browsers are also available for Mac and Linux (UR Browser only has a Mac version).


It’s no exaggeration to say that Vivaldi combines solid features, security options with a lightweight, easy-to-use user interface that makes your PC run smoother – at least compared to. Firefox and certainly Chrome!

As a browser based on the Chromium kernel, Vivaldi’s architecture is not fundamentally different from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. However, advanced features, which can make the browser work “heavily”, and consume more system resources, will be removed. In other words, Vivaldi can be considered a slimmed down version of the mainstream Chromium browsers. However, if your need is simply to surf the web, Vivaldi can still guarantee a good service.

In addition to the main strength of less system resource consumption, Vivaldi also supports many other useful features, such as a simple, intuitive tab management system, and note-taking feature in the side panel screen. In particular, since Vivaldi is based on the Chromium kernel, you’ll also have access to most of Chrome’s current incredibly rich extension repositories.

In terms of user interface, Vivaldi possesses a relatively flexible customization ability, with 8 created and built-in themes, of course, the dark background theme is indispensable. In addition, the browser also supports an option that allows you to create your own theme. Basically, there are 18 different sections of Vivaldi’s settings system, giving you almost complete control over every aspect of the browser.

Customize the interface

Of course, Vivaldi is not without weaknesses. For example, slight lag and lag can sometimes occur while you scroll. But overall, this is still a relatively stable browser. Moreover, Vivaldi is still a project in active development, so these simple problems can be completely overcome in the future.

Conclusion: Vivaldi is a fast, simple and secure browser. It’s not the lightest name on this list, but one of the easiest to use.

1. Slimjet

Slimjet is an incredibly fast Chromium web browser that performs well multitasking. Its outstanding compatibility with Windows 10 stems from a design built on Microsoft Trident, like Internet Explorer.


With Slimjet, you will see very fast browsing speed while navigating any new tab or menu item. In fact, the browser is so responsive that it takes less than a split second to see the effect.

Compared with Chrome or Firefox, Slimjet claims to provide file download speed up to 12 times faster and upload speed 20 times faster.

The browser has a number of handy features like a built-in ad blocker, a screen capture tool, a screen recorder, and a powerful download manager. It also allows you to add extensions on the Chrome web.

Conclusion : If you are looking for an extremely lightweight PC browser that delivers exactly what it promises, then you shouldn’t miss out on Slimjet.

2. UR Browser

As another Chromium-based browser, UR Browser also has Slimjet’s advantages with similar support for Google Chrome extensions. You can choose to install VPN and 3D Parallax Wallpaper (3D wallpapers) of your browser or keep the interface to a minimum. Files download very quickly by splitting them into smaller chunks and you’ll see much less lag while the page is loading.

UR Browser

What is unique about UR Browser compared to other options is its support for advanced levels of privacy. With three high, low, and medium privacy controls, the security controls are very similar to the version of Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Conclusion : Use UR Browser if you’re looking for a private, lightweight Chromium browser that is similar to the miniature version of Google Chrome.

3. QuteBrowser

QuteBrowser is a WebKit-based browser that works from the command line. Based on Python, it supports minimal GUI and doesn’t overload the system. As a keyboard-focused browser, it will take some getting used to. But once you get used to Vim-style key bindings, then that should not be a problem.

Although QuteBrowser may not be for everyone, it is not difficult to install and use this browser in Windows 10. First, you need to install the latest Python version in the system (make sure it including pip). The installation process will not take long.

Next, open Windows Powershell as an administrator and enter the following key.

choco install qutebrowser

Chocolatey will be installed slowly. Press Y at each step to proceed to the next installation stage. Visual Studio and other software can be installed. Please wait a while for this process to continue.

Once QuteBrowser is approved and added, you will be asked to restart your Windows 10 PC to install the package.

Once the reboot is successful, you should be able to see the menu icon for QuteBrowser on the desktop. This is a browser unlike anything you may have used in the past. All options are available in terminal. To navigate, use the arrow keys or g , h , j and k . You just need to use o to open a new website URL.


Conclusion : The minimal aspects of QuteBrowser are ideal for programmers, but you can use it to watch videos, play online games or do whatever you like.

4. Yandex

“Surprisingly!”. That’s how one Reddit user described the Yandex browser. If you are looking for a lightweight yet powerful browser for Windows PCs, Yandex will not disappoint!

For starters, you can use features to optimize your browser for low connection speeds. It compresses any video (this is a great customization). Yandex also has a Power Saving mode, which allows you to save power when the battery is low, disabling video games.

Yandex also has a Power mode, allowing you to save energy when the battery is low

Yandex has minimal features enabled in Settings . You can choose not to show the side panel, bookmarks bar, high-resolution animated background or news and weather. There is a Protect tab, which ensures that you run security checks on downloaded files, support phishing protection for banking information, and use encryption in public WiFi networks. You can turn off the lights for cinema mode and take screenshots.

Conclusion : Yandex is a quality browser and regularly appears in the top 10 browsers globally.