24 Awesome Screensavers that protect Windows 10 computer screen

24 Awesome Screensavers that protect Windows 10 computer screen

Screensaver – a screen saver of your computer that is activated automatically when your computer is idle for a certain period of time. If you are looking for a retro screensaver or animated screensaver that fully renders color on your computer screen, you are in the right place. Here are 24 stunning screensavers for Windows 10.

Stunning screensavers for Windows 10

  • 1. Another Matrix
  • 2. Helios
  • 3. IMAX Hubble 3D
  • 4. Briblo
  • 5. Electric Sheep
  • 6. 3D Maze
  • 7. NES Screen Saver
  • 8. 3D Pipes
  • 9. Wikipedia
  • 10. Apple TV Aerial View
  • 11. Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • 12. Blue Screen of Death
  • 13. Plane9
  • 14. Autumn Wonderland 3D
  • 15. Underwater
  • 16. Fliqlo
  • 17. Pong Clock
  • 18. Vehicle Screen Savers
  • 19. Living Marine Aquarium 2
  • 20. System 47
  • 21. YoWindow
  • 22. Hyperspace
  • 23. Sim Aquarium
  • 24. Midnight Beach

How to install screensavers for Windows 10

Before looking at each specific screensaver, you need to know how to install a screensaver on Windows 10. Refer to the article How do I access Screen Saver settings in Windows 10? to know how to install it.

1. Another Matrix


This screensaver is inspired by the movie Matrix, 1999. Another Matrix is an engaging screen saver even when you don’t know what it means. With this screensaver you can change the screen spill speed, font style and text density.

2. Helios


Helios is one of the most beautiful screensavers that create smooth purple bubbles that automatically react to each other, bounce and spin around on your screen. You can adjust a few things like the number of bubbles on the screen, motion blur, and even frame limits.

3. IMAX Hubble 3D


This screen saver was inspired by the 2010 documentary about the Hubble Space Telescope repair mission. It contains the most amazing spatial images you will ever see.

4. Briblo


If you’re obsessed with Lego, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this screensaver. Briblo is not only beautiful, but users can also interact with these Lego blocks, creating your own arrangement. It’s pretty much like a 3D game of Tetris.

5. Electric Sheep


This screensaver is a hologram created by a community of talented artists. Electric Sheep is an almost endless array of intertwined beautiful images. It will take some time to install this screensaver, but the executable installation file will help you with that.

6. 3D Maze


This screensaver will remind you of the old Windows screen saver. 3D Maze is a picture running in a maze with strange shapes floating around. You can change the wallpaper in settings if you like.

7. NES Screen Saver


If you are a fan of NES games, you won’t be able to bypass this screen saver. NES Screen Saver will run all NES games randomly on the screen. If you have a ROM collection, you can link it to this screensaver and run random NES games from your library.

8. 3D Pipes


3D Pipes screensaver creates an array of colorful 3D tubes across your entire screen. When the screen is filled with 3D tubes, it will run again from the beginning (a bit like Snake).

9. Wikipedia


This screen saver may seem a bit dry compared to the others on this list but if you’re looking for more knowledge in a variety of fields, give this Wikipedia a try. It will randomly select a Wikipedia page to display on the screen.

10. Apple TV Aerial View


This screensaver is a stunning aerial shot, giving you a sense of breadth. It is played from Apple, so to run this screensaver you need an Internet connection.

11. Astronomy Picture of the Day


A great alternative to the Hubble screensaver mentioned earlier. It retrieves the Astronomy Picture of the Day photos from the official NASA website. You will be fascinated by these pictures of mysterious cosmos.

12. Blue Screen of Death


Show off your friends with this adorable screen saver. It repeats a loop of blue screen of death and boots up the system, giving viewers a horrifying flashback to all these errors.

13. Plane9


Considered as the most impressive screensaver effect for Windows 10, Plane9 is a 3D graphic display that contains over 250 beautiful scenes and surreal images.

You can even combine these images, letting them move smoothly from scene to scene, creating an almost endless source of visual effects. There are 39 transitions that are used to form a seamless experience when switching from one scene to another.

This visualizer can be used as a standalone window, screensaver or VR viewer for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Plane9 is sensitive to sound and responds to what you’re listening to, from Spotify, iTunes or any other audio source, even to what you record from a microphone or other input.

So open up a few tunes and let this screensaver take care of everything and you have a great party background display in hand!

14. Autumn Wonderland 3D

Autumn Wonderland 3D

Every user loves seasonal screensavers. Summer will soon give way to the golden color of fall, so what better way to embrace this change than through a suitable screensaver?

Autumn Wonderland 3D offers stunning fall views with a wide range of colors that really pop on the IPS display.

In this Autumn Wonderland 3D screensaver, the camera will slowly move away from town, where a small church is located across the river. The foliage in the forest in front of you has changed from green to many different shades: Red, yellow and orange. Animals like birds and deer also silently move through the screen, while subtle sound effects play in the background.

There is an elegant analog clock in the lower left corner and you can turn it off if you want.

15. Underwater


Thalassophobia may be intimidating for some, but for those who want a screensaver that changes in mood and sophistication, this could be one of the perfect options. This animated screensaver puts you underwater, looking up from the depths of the ocean with some shimmering light through the water.

This screensaver feels peaceful and fun, and it includes an elegantly designed clock in the center of the screen (displayed with the date). This is a screensaver for serious people (unlike some of the other alternative options on this list).

16. Fliqlo


After all, how long do you actually spend starting at your computer screen while the screensaver is running? For most people, that time is probably not very long.

Hence, a watch is likely to be a better use of space. It is always helpful to be able to know the current time immediately.

Fliqlo has a few settings, including clock size and 12/24 hour format conversion.

17. Pong Clock

Pong Clock

Pong Clock is a fun screensaver that both protects the screen and provides a little bit of entertainment.

Make sure everyone is familiar with the classic 2D game, Pong. Created by Atari in 1972, it was the first video game to be released.

Pong Clock includes this game as a screensaver, giving you the opportunity to watch the battle between 2 automatic players and a useful clock in the middle of the screen.

18. Vehicle Screen Savers

Vehicle Screen Savers

Vehicle Screen Savers is not like some of the free screensavers we’ve reviewed so far, but for anyone interested in vehicles (in the broadest sense) this is a must-have option.

Vehicle Screen Savers provides beautiful, high-quality images of cars, motorbikes, planes, trains and boats.

This free Windows 10 Screensaver is available in the Windows 10 Store.

19. Living Marine Aquarium 2

Living Marine Aquarium 2

Having a virtual fish tank on the screen is amazing! Naturally, this screensaver looks very light, but it’s also great. Living Marine Aquarium 2 includes 18 species of marine life (including fish, seahorses and crabs), corals and lots of bubbles.

This awesome screensaver is also surprisingly customizable. You can choose the number of fish on screen and 3 different reef views are provided.

Living Marine Aquarium 2 is free to download.

20. System 47

System 47

This is one of the best screensavers for computer lovers. System 47 is a copy of the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS) computer interface seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This free screensaver offers a total of 8 random animations, including the popular Sector Scan, Star System Analysis, and Milky Way Galaxy Map options.

21. YoWindow


A screensaver capable of displaying weather forecasts is already too attractive, yet YoWindow can do even more: It provides users with a “vivid landscape” that reflects the weather, sunlight and season in real time.

If you’re stuck with your eyes all day on a wall in your office, this custom screensaver is a great way to see what’s going on outside.

5-day forecast is displayed on the screen and you can set your position anywhere in the world.

22. Hyperspace


Taken from the Really Slick Screensavers collection (you can download it all in one package if you want at: http://www.reallyslick.com/screensavers/ ), Hyperspace is definitely one of the best screensavers for Windows. ten.

Hyperspace takes you on a journey through space where you fly through fields of stars and finally arrive in an impressive liquid environment with neon pink, blue and purple colors. It reminds us a bit of the 90s space movie Contact, except now you become someone who flies through a black hole.

23. Sim Aquarium

Sim Aquarium

The aquarium is great, but it will take a lot of effort and money. You may also not be allowed to place an aquarium in your office, so this Sim Aquarium screensaver is perfect for anyone who loves aquatic life.

This is not one of those video playback screensavers that capture real fish images. This is a 3D rendered screensaver, meaning you won’t watch the same loop over and over again. Of course, you also need to have a suitable GPU.

The free version of this screensaver has only a handful of fish and a single scene is displayed on the water with the sun’s rays. If you want to unlock other scenes and creatures, you will have to pay a fee. However, as a free option, this is a screensaver worth downloading. It’s quiet, beautiful, and it works well on the right hardware.

24. Midnight Beach

Midnight Beach

There isn’t too much to say about Midnight Beach. It is a beautiful view of the boat on the beach at night. The water surface was lit up by a giant moon as the waves hit the shore. Everything is very simple but perfect beauty.

However, this screensaver does have some trouble on ultra-wide screens, and with a normal 1080p screen, Midnight Beach does very well.

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