10+ best Windows 10 customization apps today

10+ best Windows 10 customization apps today

Contrary to popular belief, Windows 10 is in fact a much more open and expansive platform than its competitors. You can do almost anything you want in this operating system through utilities / applications. There are many paid apps out there, but there are also a few free and open source apps that can modernize your Windows experience.

Below, we have compiled a number of useful applications to help you modernize and customize Windows 10 for a more enjoyable experience on this familiar operating system.

Windows 10 custom apps

  • TaskbarX
  • EarTrumpet
  • Quick Look
  • The same search experience as Spotlight macOS
  • UWP Files
  • Folder Marker
  • MyFolders tool
  • Winaero Tweaker software
  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker
  • Customize Windows 10 with Start10
  • RocketDock tool
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker
  • WindowBlinds software
  • Rainmeter
  • Multiplicity Pro
  • Tiles
  • Fences


TaskBarX is a popular Windows 10 system tray application, and it is designed to provide a display environment, enable icons and shortcuts, and allow users to quickly open applications. is most commonly used on the bottom of the screen.


Windows 10’s TaskbarX app basically lets you optionally align between taskbar icons and change the look of the taskbar with various effects, such as opacity, transparency, or effect. The acrylic effect is like weathering the Fluent Design.

You can download TaskBarX from the links given below. If you want to support developers, you can pay $ 1 and buy the app on the Microsoft Store.

Download TaskBarX from Github

Purchase TaskBarX on the Microsoft Store


EarTrumpet is a volume control app with a clean, modern user interface. EarTrumpet can replace the Windows 10 default taskbar-based interface and volume controls. It also makes managing Windows 10 connected audio devices much simpler.

EarTrumpet comes with a built-in volume mixer, allowing you to manage your default audio devices and change volume on individual apps.

EarTrumpet interface when adjusting the volume

In addition, developers have also integrated the option to quickly mute for web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge when users visit a website that plays audio in the background. This app places the volume controller in the taskbar and you can quickly access it by clicking on the sound icon.

Once EarTrumpet is installed, you can disable the default volume controls included with Windows 10.

To turn off the default controls, open Windows Search, look for the keyword “turn system icons on or off” and turn off volume controls on the system.

Download EarTrumpet

Quick Look

The Quick Look feature, developed by Apple for macOS, provides a great way to quickly view the contents of a file (photos, documents, etc.) without having to access that file.

Windows 10 users can also experience this feature by downloading an app of the same name from the Microsoft Store.

Quick Look

The QuickLook app for Windows 10 is completely free, allowing you to preview the contents of .jpg, .png, .txt files, documents, and more. Once the app is installed and running in the background, you can press SPACEBAR to open the preview and press SPACEBAR again to close the file preview.

By default, the application will add itself to the list of Startup programs and will launch every time you start Windows.

Download QuickLook

The same search experience as Spotlight macOS

Microsoft’s PowerToys tool has added a new search box that helps you quickly find and open apps, folders or files on Windows 10. PowerToys Run offers a similar experience to macOS’s Spotlight searcher, and it can be launched by typing the keyboard shortcut Alt + Space.

Search engine in PowerToys

Unlike Windows Search, this search engine also allows you to find the running processes on the system. You can even use it as a pocket calculator and it works faster than Windows Search.

Download PowerToys from Github

UWP Files

Files UWP is a modern replacement for File Explorer on Windows 10. It uses Fluent Design with excellent support for light and dark background modes. Also integrated with application icons matching the rest of the Windows 10 operating system.

UWP Files

In addition to the modern user interface, Files UWP also supports tabs, allowing you to open new tabs of multiple folders and file locations at the same time.

The app is currently in preview mode and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Download UWP Files from the Microsoft Store

Folder Marker

This tool allows you to add colors to Windows folders. Users just need to install the tool and then right click on any folder to “beautify” the icon. This tool can assign icons to a folder from ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, CPL or BMP file formats.

Download Folder Marker

  • Windows folder organization by color

MyFolders tool

Download MyFolders

With MyFolders we can manage folders more easily, get quick access to folders when appearing on the right-click context menu. Besides, we can move, copy data to any folder in the list of MyFolders.

Winaero Tweaker software

Download Winaero Tweaker

To be able to change all settings as well as personalize Windows 10, Winaero Tweaker is not a bad choice. With an easy-to-use interface, all hidden options appear on one interface so that users can make quicker choices when using. In each option, Winaero Tweaker also has an annotation so that users can better understand how to use this option.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The feature of Ultimate Windows Tweaker that many people like to use is that it does not need to do the usual installation steps like other programs. Immediately after installing the program, you can proceed to customize Windows 10 with 200 customizations arranged in separate groups.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker also creates a system restore point through System Restore, which helps the computer return to its original state.

Customize Windows 10 with Start10

Download Start10 for free

If you love the interface of Windows 7, especially the Start Menu, try to install Start10 on Windows 10. This tool will transform the operating system and bring the familiar interface of Start Menu on Windows 7. Windows 10.

Not only that, Start10 also provides many other options that help you customize the Start Menu interface to your liking, such as size, position, interface, …

RocketDock tool

Download RocketDock for free

Have you ever thought about bringing the dock of a Mac or Linux to Windows 10 or not? RocketDock will help us do that. When RocketDock is successfully installed on the computer, the interface will appear an additional dock just above the screen interface.

If we do not like the default interface of the dock, we can also use the program’s settings, to adjust the dock to better suit your needs.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Download 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

You don’t like the Taskbar on Windows 10, then use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker to change the default Taskbar settings. With over 30 different customization options, but they are arranged in separate groups so users can completely choose to use.

WindowBlinds software

Download WindowBlinds for free

WindowBlinds pays attention to the external look of Windows 10 such as color, transparency, font for Start Menu, and windows. Besides, users can choose from many different themes that WindowBlinds brings from members of the interface design in WinCustomize.com. The tool is free for 30 days.


Rainmeter displays customizable interfaces like memory and battery, RSS feeds and weather forecast right on your screen. Multiple interfaces even have functionality: jotting down notes and to-do lists, launching favorite apps, and controlling the media player – all in one clean, clean interface. unobtrusive. You can rearrange and customize according to your preferences. Rainmeter has two functions that are both application and tool. With this app you are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Download Rainmeter

  • 3 steps to arrange desktop screen with Rainmeter

Multiplicity Pro

Download Multiplicity Pro

Multiplicity Pro is a great utility that allows you to control multiple computers with the keyboard and mouse. Assuming you have to work on multiple computers at the same time, switching to each one will take a lot of your time but using this program you can actually control two or more computers at the same time. Not only that, but exchanging files between these computers will be easy by dragging and dropping in their window.


Download Tiles

This is another great desktop customization tool as well as a utility tool that can be used to increase the efficiency of your computer. You can drag and drop any folder or application onto the sidebar that the program displays to arrange it in the proper way. You can swipe between different pages and choose exactly how this program works.


Download Fences

Fences is a great app to use if you want to group apps and folders on your PC into certain groups for easier access. As you can see in the image above, you can actually have different groups with different icons on your desktop. This can be useful for people who have to juggle a lot of applications and programs on one computer. Windows Start Menu is great but grouping such things in Start Menu is not straightforward and Fences can fix that.

  • Manage your desktop more compact with Fences

Above are 11 tools that can help us change the interface on Windows 10, such as changing the Start Menu, the Taskbar, the system icon, or bringing the dock on the Mac to Windows 10, … The capacity is quite light, no need to carry out too many steps to install and does not contain advertising programs, harmful viruses, so you can completely rest assured to use it to renovate the interface of Windows 10.

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