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Sight words, additionally called high frequency words, are commonly used words that has to be recognized by sight, rather than using decoding ways to “sound them out.” These words have unusual spelling patterns and can not be represented using footage; therefore, young readers cannot depend on some of the core reading methods that they commonly use to read the text.

Therefore what is a reader to try and do??

It sounds crazy, however I can distinctly remember being in my first grade classroom during reading time and obtaining stuck on the word, “the.” It was the terribly initial word of the text and I could not bear in mind how to “sound it out.” While the other students around me were well into their books, I was feeling pissed off and embarrassed!

“The” is a sight word! The astounding issue is that sight words account for up to seventy fivepercent of the words employed in starting kids’s print materials! One will quickly see the nice advantage a beginning reader has in being able to recognize high-frequency words automatically. They will be in a position to identify the bulk of the words in the text while not having to prevent and decode every single one!

Therefore where will I find these!?! The truth is, there are a variety of lists out there, however the most common are the Dolch lists, and the Fry lists. Dr. Fry expanded on the Dolch lists and analysis, and printed a book titled “Dr. Fry’s one thousand Instant Words.” Now, before you hyperventilate, you don’t want to show your Kindergarten student 1000 words before school starts! What Dr. Fry found is that,

twenty five words create up approximately one/3 of all items published a hundred words create up approximately one/two of all the words found in publications

In our college district, “Fry’s List” of 100 sight words was the quality for first grade readers to learn by the end of the year. If you’d like to induce in some practice, there are various places online to download the list at no cost!

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If you’d simply sort of a “Top 20,” additional sort of a “Prime 30,” to figure on this summer with a little one heading to Kindergarten, here may be a Kindergarten List:

• a

• at

• an

• and

• am

• are

• will

• do

• for

• go

• has

• have

• he

• here

• in

• I

• is

• it

• like

• look

• me

• my

• no

• play

• said

• see

• she

• thus

• the

• to

• up

• we have a tendency to

Need a few concepts for teaching sight words?

one. Produce a Sticker Book

(Earn a sticker for every sight word mastered)

two. Bingo!

three. Colorful Flash Cards

4. Word Search

5. Pudding Art

(Write sight words into chocolate pudding spread on paper – YUM!)

BEAR IN MIND: The aim is to assist your kid learn during a means that is fun! Use these concepts and suppose of some of your own! You’ve got just been given a BIG KEY to reading success!

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