Penang FOOD FESTIVAL (How many $ to be full?) – Traveling Malaysia Episode 25

To day, I’ll show you video Penang FOOD FESTIVAL (How many $ to be full?) – Traveling Malaysia Episode 25

I’m visiting a Penang Food Festival and sample my way around the Malaysian food. How many $ do I need to spent to get a full stomach?

Welcome to episode 25 of my trip all around Malaysia. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes you can watch them here:

Penang – the food heaven of Malaysia. It came to my attention that there is this Penang food festival going on, so of course I had to check it out and try myself around these amazing Malaysian food dishes. I wanted to find out how much money do I need to spend to get a full stomach on a local penang food festival.

So, check out this Malaysian food vlog if you are interested to see which different Malaysia food was available, which Malaysian food I tried and how many $ I need to spent to get full.

When you travel southeast Asia and are really into food, then making a stop here in Penang is definitely a must for you. Malaysian food on every corner. And the best thing about Malaysian food is its variety. You can find so much different food from so many different nationalities – Amazing!

What do you think about markets or food festivals like this, do you like them? Let me know in the comments ⬇️
After the Corona Lockdown, it is now possible again to travel Malaysia. In the next weeks I will travel Malaysia (all around the country) and make daily vlogs about it. I will show you how to travel Malaysia, how to do backpacking Malaysia and show you what it’s like to solo travel around this country in southeast Asia. So, if you are interested in backpacking southeast Asia in general or specifically interested in backpacking Malaysia, then this series of my Malaysia travel vlogs might be interesting for you.

How is it to travel Malaysia 2020 after the Corona lockdown? Will there be tourist or will I be the only one? How to travel Malaysia on a budget during this time? We are going to find out all of this in the upcoming weeks, daily vlogs from now on, documenting my whole trip traveling Malaysia, so stay tuned, if you are interested in travel Malaysia by yourself or travel southeast Asia in general 😊
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