How To Delete Your Wish Account

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Easy to follow tutorial on deleting your Wish account on the Wish App for IOS & Android! Don’t use Wish anymore and no longer want to keep your account with them? Learn how to delete your Wish account now!

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– Open up the wish app and then tap on the three horizontal lines button in the bottom right corner of the homepage.

– Scroll to the bottom of the next page and then tap on ‘settings’.

– In settings, tap on ‘account settings’

– Then tap on ‘deactivate account’

– Tap ‘yes’ on the popup and then tap ‘yes’ again on the next popup.

– You will now need to authenticate your account to prove it is you trying to delete it. Tap on your email.

– Then you need to go to the email account associated with your wish account and find the email they sent you.

– Copy the code in the email and paste it into the text field on wish.

– Your wish account will now be deleted.

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