How I Beat COVID-19

To day, I’ll show you video How I Beat COVID-19

This is hopefully my final video on my personal COVID-19 experience as I’m happy to report my first NEGATIVE test result! I went on a regimen of Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin and Zinc in hopes to lower my viral load for a negative test result and it seemed to help. I held on to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis for over 35 days (the longest in the state of Florida according to the Department of Health) and I’m happy that it finally appears to be out of my system. I’m going for one more test to confirm the NEGATIVE so I can come out of isolation and rejoin my family.

Please do NOT self medicate and consult with your doctor. The purpose of this video is ONLY to share my experience with the drugs, NOT to suggest a course of treatment from anyone afflicted with COVID-19.

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