How Great Games Beat The Grind

To day, I’ll show you video How Great Games Beat The Grind

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Unsurprisingly, grinding isn’t fun- but that’s not all there is to it. Rather than being something that happens to the player, grinding actually happens all in our heads.

After a brief holiday in Pelican Town, The Architect is back to tell you how even repetitive games can beat the grind by using three neat tricks.

You Saw:

Pokemon Omega Ruby- 2014
Warframe- 2013
Hearthstone- 2014
Torchlight 2- 2012
Fortnite: Battle Royale- 2020
Megaman X- 1993
XCOM 2 WOTC- 2020
World of Warcraft- 2004
Brigador: Up-Armored Edition- 2020
Luftrausers- 2014
Nuclear Throne- 2015
Into The Breach- 2020
Minit- 2020
Duolingo???- Je ne sais pas
Stardew Valley- 2020
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the new one)- 2020
Enter the Gungeon- 2020

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